LangChain Drops: ChatPDF

LangChain Drops: ChatPDF

Your documents are becoming intelligent


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ChatPDF is a perfect example of what you can do with the Question & Answer (Q&A) using LangChain.js tutorial. With the code in that tutorial plus very minimal UI, you can quickly create products of real value to the market.

ChatPDF lets you chat with any PDF using the new ChatGPT API. Fast, free and without sign-in. You can talk to books, essays, contracts, manuals, research papers ie. anything in written format.

“With ChatPDF, your documents are becoming intelligent! Just talk to your PDF file as if it were a human with perfect understanding of the content.”

ChatPDF is challenging us to think of a new era of intelligent documents and it delivered.

We fired up ChatPDF immediately after it dropped. Our experience was that ChatPDF is very simple to use. I uploaded a PDF and was able to ask questions from the PDF immediately. The whole process took under a minute (takes as long as it takes to upload your PDF).

The Q&A with the document provided very accurate answers. Facts were properly summarized. It was able to connect some dots on facts that would be tedious for one to do in the PDF combing for information. Also included was the page number from which it found the information.

ChatPDF is a very elegant solution that shows the power of LangChain. It shows how one can quickly go from idea to product and deliver real value to the market.

ChatPDF is the work of @xathis