LangChain launches pages to track Python/Typescript differences

LangChain launches pages to track Python/Typescript differences


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Since its inception, LangChain was available only as a Python library. On February 17th, 2023, LangChain announced the Javascript/TypeScript library aka. LangChain.js.

The Javascript/TypeScript library is solid. We have been using it for our tutorials here. However, given that the Python library has had a head start over the Javascript/TypeScript, the Javascript/TypeScript is still lagging on some integrations and features. To help LangChain developers understand the integrations/feature differences, LangChain has launched two pages to track the differences.

  • The page for tracking integrations differences is here

  • The page for tracking feature differences is here

If you are a LangChain.js developer and an integration/feature you need is not available yet, we urge patience. The LangChain team is delivering Typescript/JavaScript integrations and features at a phenomenal rate. We have been tracking their velocity for closing the Python vs. Typescript/JavaScript gaps and they are executing at a pretty good clip.

We applaud LangChain for providing these one-stop shop feature tracking pages. Exciting times are ahead!!